Black Widow

/ Friday, 16 January 2015

        As you all may have noticed.. I LOVE black. If i could wear it everyday i would. I love to dress as simple as i can but in a stylish way. I want people to look at me, like what i'm wearing and be able to just walk to a high street store and get it. That is the aim. Anyways, this really simple outfit is affordable. I wore this for a job interview i had (and i bagged it ;)) haha. I love the hat and the Jordans together. A whole different vibe. Anyways subscribe guys and ill keep posting xxxx

i Love this little bag, its just so convenient 


Hat - Primark
Trench coat - Zara 
Black top - h&m
Jeans- Topshop 
Shoes- Jordans 
Glasses- Ikea 
Necklace- Ebay 
For those who keep asking where i get my hair from. This was from True Glory hair in Atlanta 
See ya soon

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