Throwback Thursday


 Hello people. Happy new Year!!!! 

Its been a minute hasn't it? Its a new year and its good vibes already. I recently started making my own clothes and I am launching a brand real soon but do not worry, i'll keep you guys up to date. Today, however, I'm posting my first post of 2017! Excited much. I decided to kinda go back to the 90s a bit (because OBVI I'm a 90s baby haha). I have recently been working with this amazing photographer called Obinna. Will put a link to his page below. He really is a gem and hes really good at what he does. 

Excited to share stuff with you all because this year we all gon eat!! LOL. Enjoy....

Vintage top - My brothers Closet 
Pants - American Apparel 
Sneakers - Topshop
Hat - thebarebrand

Photographer - MrObinnaObioma 
Hair - Harland Beauty Supply 

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